2015 Dates

Hayling Billy, Hayling Island - 16th January

The Old Cross, Chichester - 23rd January

The Old Cross, Chichester - 20th February

The Old Cross, Chichester -  27th March

Round Hayling Island, HISC - 3rd April

Private Party, Chichester Marina - 16th May

Harting Working Mens Club - 23rd May

The Old Cross, Chichester - 29th May

Private Party. Harting Working Mens Club - 21st June

The Hole In the Wall, Chichester - 11th July

Piranha Bar Festival, Hayling Island - 17th July

Apulstock Festval, Apuldram - 18th July 

Hayling Billy Festival, Hayling Island- 15th August

WestFest West Town Hotel, Hayling Island - 13th Sept

Private Party, Chichester - 26th October 

Private Party, Chichester - 1st November

Harting Working Mens Club - 7th November

Private party  - 21st November

Private party, HISC, Hayling Island - 11th December

Private party, HISC, Hayling Island - 18th December

2016 Dates

Havant Football Club, Havant - 30th January

Lion Brewery, Ash Vale  -  13th February 

Lily's Bar, Hayling Island - 25th March

Lion Brewery, Ash Vale  -  30th April

2CV Owners Club Party, Chichester - 3rd June 

Apulstock Festival, Apuldram Centre - 22nd and 23rd July

National Water Sports Festival, Hayling Island - 4th Sept

The Mullbery, Goring  - 8th October

PO Sports & Social Club, Northend - 26th November

Park Tavern, Chichester - 3rd December

Private party - 10th December

Lily's Bar, Hayling Island  - 16th December

Private party -23rd December

2017 Dates

The Mullbery, Goring  - 28th January

Private Party - 4th February

Private party, HISC - 1st April

The Mullbery, Goring  - 8th April 

The Crown, Littlehampton - 15th April 

The Fountain , Chichester -22th April

Apulstock fundraiser, Fishbourne - 5th May

Park Tavern, Chichester - 20th May

Six Bells, Billingshurst - 26th May

HISC Party , Hayling Island - 27th May

Petfringe Festival, Petworth - 1st July

Apulstock Festival, Fishbourne  -23rd July

Park Tavern, Chichester - 12th August

The Mullbery, Goring  - 23rd September 

Lily's Bar, Hayling Island - 4th November

Private Party, HISC, Hayling Island - 23rd December

The Fountain , Chichester -24th December

2018 Dates

Private party  - 12th January

The Crown, Littlehampton - 17th February

The George, Eartham - 20th April

Lily's Bar, Hayling Island - 27th April

Bognorphenia, Bogor Regis  -  29th April

The Last Drop, Petworth - 19th May

The Fountain, Chichester -15th June

The Last Drop, Petworth - 20th July 

The Half Moon, Sheet - 11th August

Summerfest 2018, Worthing -16th August

Apulstock Festival, Barnham -18th August

Petfringe Big Saturday, Petworth - 15th September

Royal Albert, Southsea - 27th September

Private Party, HISC, Hayling Island -28th September

The Fountain, Chichester -12th October

The Tap, Portsmouth - 17th November

The Fountain, Chichester - 30th November

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